Although 2011 was the "first" time I tried my hand at graphic design while creating my fashion magazine, ALOOF, I must specify that this dabbling was quite a "bootleg" attempt that was restricted by my use of the bootleg-Photoshop, PhotoFiltre.

Wishing to build upon that limited experience, I attended a Photoshop tutorial held by the McGill Marketing Network (MMN) in late 2013. By a weird stroke of coincidence, the MMN was actually looking for a new Art Director, and, by the end of the tutorial, that new Art Director was yours truly. Armed with an online version of ALOOF, I somehow was able to convince them (and myself) that I would be able to learn Photoshop during the 2 weeks of the holiday break, and begin designing upon my return to class.

So, essentially, my experience with graphic design is one that was fully born out of necessity – specifically that of living up to overly-ambitious commitments. Thus, as with all of my other creative endeavours, I am fully self-taught in graphic design, having watched and read way too many YouTube and written tutorials to keep count.

Luckily, over the past few years, I have had the chance to design promotional materials both for extracurricular clubs at McGill, as well as for national agencies and corporations, like Parks Canada and L'Oréal Canada. In between such projects, I have been able to hone my graphic design skills and explore a plethora of styles while designing for my personal ALOOF-branded projects.

If you'd like to enlist my graphic design services, feel free to contact me!

L'Oréal Canada (Summer Internship 2015) – L'Oréal Luxe Division (Designer Brands Portfolio)

Extracurricular Graphic Design (2014-2015) – McGill African Students' Society (MASS) & McGill Marketing Network (MMN)

Parks Canada (Summer Job 2014) – Western Quebec and Mauricie Field Unit

ALOOF Branding (2014-2016)