ALOOF FUTURE is a weekly music radio show dedicated to showcasing underground and classic talent in the genres of Future Beats, R&B, Hip-Hop/Rap and House – with the occasional foray into Jersey Club, Grime, Funk, Juke and anything else that one could possibly vibe and/or dance to. Each episode is composed of three distinct sections of music, mixed seamlessly – at least, that's the goal – for a smooth, on-repeat listen.

Feel free to listen to all past episodes below:


As a Canadian radio show established in Montreal, ALOOF FUTURE is committed to playing a wide variety of up-and-coming and established Canadian musical artists – with an emphasis placed on musicians from or affiliated with Montreal.

As a campus radio show broadcast on Concordia University's CJLO radio station, ALOOF FUTURE is devoted to promoting a greater diversity in musical programming, both in terms of the styles of music featured as well as the backgrounds and identities of the artists.

As such, in an effort to promote local Montreal talent – and trust me, there's a lot of it – a musical guest is featured once a month on the show. During such episodes, the bulk of the show is dedicated to interviewing the artist in a conversational format that flows around a set of well-researched and personalized questions. Typically, the questions are geared towards eliciting social commentary on the part of the artist on topics related to race, gender, and the evolution of the local/global music industry. Ultimately, the main goal of these interviews is twofold:

  1. Enable the artist to elaborate a more complete and thought-provoking narrative about their background in music and the role it plays it their life;
  2. Provide the artist with a platform for speaking candidly on music and its intersections with the different facets of everyday life.


Tune in live to ALOOF FUTURE every Sunday, 2-3 p.m. ET, on-air at CJLO 1690 AM (for those living in or around Montreal) or online at cjlo.com (for everyone else).


Each episode is of ALOOF FUTURE is archived on Mixcloud every Monday following the initial airing on Sunday. The show is currently in the process of being uploaded as a podcast onto iTunes, but, in the meantime, a selection past episodes can also be downloaded here.


ALOOF FUTURE is hosted, mixed and produced by yours truly. Listen in and expect to be swooned by the sound of my melodious voice – or so I've been told.